Receipt of raw marble blocks from mines

The marble blocks received from mines are unloaded in the gantry yard with the help of Gantry Crane.

These Marble Blocks are physically inspected about their quality and other parameters. During inspection it is also decided about processes to be undertaken depending upon the characteristics of a particular marble as also precautions to be taken during carrying out various processes.

Dressing of marble blocks

The dressing machine dresses the marble block from all the sides for removal of natural defects / cracks and giving it a cubical shape.

Block reinforcement

Marble Blocks are reinforced with fiber glass net and Epoxy and are cured for 24 hours. This encasing strengthens the Block by binding it from all the sides and it also prevents breakages / damages during sawing as also during further handling.

Sawing process

The reinforced marble blocks are sliced into the Marble Slabs in the Gangsaw machine. This process is called sawing. Approximately 100 Marble Slabs are cut from the Marble Blocks depending upon the width of Marble Block. Due care is taken during sawing to avoid thickness variation, Warpage and other conformity to various set standards.

Net-reinforcement of marble slabs

Fiber Glass net is applied on the back face of the marble slabs to Reinforce / strengthen the slabs which are fragile and to enable safety in handling and transit. The fiber glass net is peeled off before fixing if required.

Grinding process

Rough Grinding of Marble slab – After the 1st stage of epoxy filling the marble slabs are processed in the Grinding Machine and then these processed slabs are shifted to the Resinline for final epoxy treatment.

Resin treatment

Resin Treatment is performed with the help of Resin Line. This plant has a length of 64 meters and width of 10 meters. The capacity of the machine is 15 slabs per hour. This machine carries out filling of cracks present in marble slabs with a mixture of resin and hardener in a particular ratio. Excess resin on the surface is lapped off to enhance the strength and surface finish of the slab.

Polishing process

Polishing process is done with the polishing machine. The machine is used for making the surface even and then polishing marble slabs for getting a smooth and shiny surface.

The machine performs the following operations to achieve a smooth and glossy surface:

  • Loading of the marble slab on a Tilting Roller conveyor by an Arm Crane
  • Feeding the Slab to the polisher by free Roller conveyor
  • Grinding of Slab surface by initial Grinding Heads
  • Polishing of the Slab by Polishing Heads
  • Drying of the Slab by drying unit
  • Feeding to Tilting Roller conveyor by Motorized Roller conveyor
  • Unloading of Slabs by Arm Crane